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‘Dancer in the Dark’
by Marc Aspinall

Tue, May 16, 17 / James BDP

In collaboration with Zentropa (DK) we're delighted to release a new poster for Lars Von Triers' 'Dancer in the Dark' by Marc Aspinall. 'Dancer in the Dark' is a film that leaves no one unmoved so we wanted to work with an artist who understands nuance and can effectively transmit emotion through their work. This is our first collaboration with Marc, and based on this illustration it will certainly not be our last. 

"I found the quiet vulnerability, struggle and sacrifice of Selma incredibly effecting; you live through the harrowing experience of everything around her slowly turning to black. There are some really great musical numbers signifying her escapism, how she sees the world, and are here boldly reflected back at us in her glasses. For me the music was totally unexpected, and provided well needed respite from the heavier moments in the film. To reflect this I decided to make some expressive marks and spatters to convey just how juxtaposed, unexpected and energetic these sequences are. Big bold colours reflecting Selma's inner life set against the encroaching darkness around her. I hope I did the film justice!" - Marc Aspinall

'Dancer in the Dark' is printed on a beautifully deep, almost velvet-like black paper and has a layer of spot varnish accentuating certain elements in the print. It also deploys a split fountain layer on the lightest skin colour to add an extra of dynamism and as a result no two prints will be exactly the same. Despite not having access to actor likenesses we felt Selma was too important a character not to feature prominently in this poster so some artistic license was used to bring her to life. 

'Dancer in the Dark' by Marc Aspinall is now on sale in our shop from an edition of just 55 copies. 

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18" x 24" Hand-Pulled Screen Print
330gsm Plike Black Paper
Hand Numbered.
Printed by White Duck Editions
Limited Edition of 50