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Evil Under The Sun

Sat, Feb 27, 21 / James BDP

For 2021 we're revisiting the Poirot classics with a WBYK twist. Whilst Johnny Dombrowski focused on location Biddy and Sonny will be celebrating the iconic costume designs and fashion styles in the films.

First up is 'Evil Under The Sun', an 18 x 24" hand pulled screen-print which goes on sale this Tuesday at 5pm UK time from our shop and the Mondo website for our US based friends.

"Evil Under The Sun is such a dream job for me because I love Agatha Christie as the pinnacle of all British murder mysteries, I love Diana Rigg and Maggie Smith and I REALLY LOVE those frocks. Peter Ustinov is the Poirot I grew up with because I watched Death On The Nile on video A LOT. So this is my dream property. Anthony Powell did the costumes here and he went on to do them for Death On The Nile, but that’s way more tasteful and I love the ridiculously flamboyant prints and shoulder pads he flung all over these amazing women as they run around an island being so very properly British and sinister." - Biddy Maroney 

wbyk biddy maroney agatha achristie eil under the sun poster black dragon press

18” x 24” screen print

300gsm Gmund Bauhaus
Hand numbered. Gallery stamp on the reverse
Printed by White Duck Editions
Limited edition of 200
£45 / $60